About us

14500539_1812504935699878_2521532615703830606_oI was born in Kazakhstan but am originally Korean. When I was five years old, my family and I moved to Belgium; and when I was eight years old, we moved to Quebec. I accepted Christ when I was ten years old and grew up in Terrebonne-Mascouche Church. When I was seventeen, I studied in St-Georges de Beauce, which is near Quebec City. After studying there, I attended Word of Life Bible Institute in South Korea to study God’s Word for one year. I became burdened for Quebec and their great need for new missionaries and leaders and couldn’t stop thinking about the huge mission field that God had placed me in. In May 2015, I was accepted into the Immerse Program and am beginning to study full-time for a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Theology. My greatest desire is to see new generations rise up for Christ; I believe that they can greatly impact our society for today and tomorrow.

14961434_10154044409486167_1498420355_nI was born in 1993, in Laval Québec, right after the most recent conquest of the Stanley Cup by the “Glorious Habs.” I was brought up in Lorraine before taking on my Bachelor Degree in Theology and Biblical Studies at New Brunswick Bible Institute. It was during my second year at Bible school, as I was on a weekend off at home, that I felt the Lord’s calling for my life to be in full-time ministry. Since then, I have felt a great burden for my Québec neighbours who desperately need the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as only 0.6% of the population here is Evangelical. My wife, Kimberly, and I want to serve among the community here in Mascouche and we want to serve the youth in this city. As servant in training, I have a strong desire to deepen and discover the gifts that the Lord has given me and I am so bless to do it here among the Mascouche community.