Leadership Training: the Next Step!

It has now been 2 years since we started S.I.T. Funds (now called 3M Ministry) and we’ve had the privilege of seeing really wonderful things happen. 3M Ministry started in 2015 and our financial objective was $20,000 to finance the training of the Servants In Training. In 2016, we increased our objective to $30,000. By the grace of God, we were able to raise around $13,500 and $18,500 in 2015 and 2016 respectively. We are very encouraged by these donations since we raised this money by sharing the vision of 3M Ministry with friends, family, and people we know in the church. We did not reach our objective but these funds allowed me (David Archambault) to be in training full-time and they allowed Sergei to fulfill his objective for the Immersion program. The rest of the funds that we did not receive would have allowed us to put aside some money for the training of future servants, but this is actually what we want to pursue as the next step this year.

From February 24 to 26, 2017, Sergei and I went to visit churches in Ontario to share the vision we have for 3M Ministry this year. We met with many churches as well as many of the leaders in ministry in Ontario. We had the privilege of sharing with them the vision of 3M Ministry which is to train new leaders and workers to reach Quebec with the Gospel.

Meeting with Ryan Farrell and Paul Gazdik from Bay Park Baptist Church, Kingston Ontario

We presented the needs of the workers in Quebec as well as the financial needs required to train them. In fact, we presented them with the objectives that the Église Baptiste Évangélique de Terrebonne-Mascouche gave itself for 3M Ministry for 2017 :


That seems like a lot doesn’t it? Yes, it’s a very bold objective but the vision of 3M Ministry has enlarged in the same way.

  • We want to train 10 workers : 6 pastors and 4 church planters from here until 2025.
    • We already have 4 workers who are still in the process of being trained.
  • We want to plant 3 new churches from here to 2025

Yes, we believe that God wants us to continue to multiply leaders and churches. The church planting projects are not clearly defined yet, but we definitely want to start training these future church planters which leads to the last point for the 2017 vision for 3M Ministry:

  • We desire to find partners outside of the “Belle Province” to support us in this vision of multiplying leaders to advance the Kingdom of God in Quebec.

So there’s the reason Sergei and I went to Ontario : to meet future partners. We sincerely believe that we have something to offer them as well in this partnership : experience. Yes, Église Baptiste Évangélique de Terrebonne-Mascouche is a mature church that has lots of experience in training and sending leaders for the advancement of God’s Work in Quebec. We have also planted many churches over the years. We have learned a lot through these church planting projects. So I believe that we have a lot to bring in terms of experience to the churches who would like to financially support us so that we don’t slow down the rhythm of training and multiplication of leaders.

We are already expecting to visit churches all around North America this year :

  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Ontario
  • Alberta
  • Colorado
  • Florida

We hope to share the needs for the mission in Quebec around North America and eventually in South Korea and Europe. We believe in what God is doing here just like you have believed in it these last few years by supporting us financially and in prayer.

Thank you for continuing to pray for 3M Ministry and for financially supporting us. Pray that God opens doors during our visits outside of Quebec. Maybe He will allow us to meet future missionaires that He will call to Quebec! Your donations up until now have allowed 3M Ministry to take this next big step. We want to continue to train leaders in Quebec as well as pray for the 4 workers who have not yet finished their training. I’m speaking of Pastor Jonathan Labelle and Pastor Michel Vincent who have not finished their Bachelor’s Degree but are working hard to finish it, as well as Sergei Li and me (David A.) who are still Servants In Training.

Sergei Li also had the opportunity of going to preach the Word to the youth from Bramalea Baptist Church in Brampton, Ontario at their Winter Camp. As you can see, we believe strongly in this idea of partnership with churches who decide to financially support us in our training. What Sergei was able to do is just an example of the fruit of this partnership.

Youth Group from Bramalea Baptist Church at their Snow Camp 2017

Thank you again for praying for 3M Ministry and for this next step towards multiplication and training of leaders in Quebec. God bless you abundantly!

“And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2 :2).

For more on 3M Ministry, click here.


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