Snow camps are a must!



Snow Camp at Word of Life Quebec has become a tradition.  We went to snow camp for a 3rd year and we’re not about to stop there! Snow Camp is a strong point in our program for the year.  The youth appreciate this weekend getaway with friends and the leaders.

Why go to Snow Camp at Word of Life Quebec?

  1. Because it’s fun!

Every year it’s always a blast at Snow Camp.  Ultra competitive ice breakers, polar bear dip at -10 degrees in the dead of winter, beaver tails for a snack, broom-ball tournament, Saturday night poutine, time in the cabins, challenging teaching sessions, powerful times of worship “et la grande veillé”.  70 youth all together for 40 hours, united for the cause of Jesus, for Jesus, and by Jesus. That can make a huge impact.

And we can’t forget that we spent 5 hours in the school bus all together.  With an average of 7 minutes of sleep for each person, let’s just say that the youth were excited for camp and very excited to sleep on the way back!

Doing a pizza contest on a Saturday night between 2 leaders can really raise the competition in 2 seconds. The contest consisted of ordering 2 pizzas each and whoever could get it delivered on the Word of Life campus the fastest was the winner. Pizza Ali Baba won. If you go to Word of Life Quebec Béthel and you want a pizza, you know who to call! 819-563-2888 😉

2. It allows leaders to spend time with the youth

For 3 years now, we have decided to do the Snow Camp at Word of Life to be able to spend quality time with the youth.  When we organize our own camp, it’s always difficult to be able to have quality time with teens because the leaders are always busy organizing the camp, the ice breaker games, the worship time, the teaching, games, snacks, and just the management in general.  At Snow Camp, while we’re spending time with the youth in the cabins, there are students from Word of Life who take care of all the preparations of games and such so that we are able to spend good time with our youth.  That means a lot to us.  This also allows the students from Word of Life to serve the campers and leaders with their own gifts that God has given them.

We can only have as much quality time with the teens as the time allows us. I believe that not having to organize and prepare games and teachings allows us to be available for our teens.  It may seem small playing broom-ball for 2 hours with them and not say a word, however, even if they don’t say it, I know that it had a deep impact on them. To be a leader for the youth is simply being an example and influencing them.  I know that sometimes I fail at this task, but I am certain that God can use everything to help us make disciples of our youth.  Our group is a family on mission.  Our mission is to demonstrate and share the hope that we have in us.  We are a family for we all belong to the same family: the family of God.  We love each other.  A family doesn’t mean being in a perfect relationship.  We are an imperfect family, redeemed by the love and sacrifice of Christ on the Cross.  We are an imperfect family who needs a perfect Saviour, and because of Jesus we are able to forgive and love each other despite our imperfection.  For me, Snow Camp allows us to have a getaway as a family and spend wonderful moments together.  The youth of Terrebonne-Mascouche is my favourite group, I could not express all the love I have for them.

3. To encourage the Word of Life ministry

We believe in the ministry of Word of Life.  In September 2016, 5 students and 1 intern came from Terrebonne-Mascouche to Word of Life.  I am proud to be able to send our youth to study for one year at Bible school.  One year to study the Bible and live together.  I can guarantee you that it can change a person, not leaving the same person as when you came.

I love the fact that we can all together, as a group, be able to see the Word of Life ministry and how God uses each one of the youth to further His Kingdom.

Word of Life is one of the biggest youth ministries in the world! We are grateful to be able to have a campus in our beautiful province.  We are even more lucky to be able to send youth who are passionate about Jesus, who are ready to give one year of their life to invest in the Kingdom of God by studying the Word and serving local churches.

A few testimonies from the youth.

“Why not ask God to guide our lives? To me, the response is simple: The fear of the unknown.  Not knowing where our futures will lead, yet it’s in God’s hands. I’m not saying that I have changed my way of living, that I have done a 180 and that I’m able to accomplish this in all aspects of my life. It comes with effort and perseverance in prayer that we are able to be close to Him and have more wisdom and less foolishness of this world.  This camp really helped me to put my life into question.  Am I living my life for God or for me?  Today, I am happy that the camp opened my eyes.  Anyway, it was a crazy camp where we went from a little dip in glacial water to listening to teachings full of wisdom.” -Dominic Joyal

“The teachings that we had allowed me to improve my spiritual life.  I now pay more attention to what God desires for my life and how I can use my time, my money, and my talents to glorify Him more and more.” -Rébecca Noel

 Thank you for supporting our ministry here in Mascouche.

If you would like to partner with us and support our ministry, you can give here


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